What's Solidity in comparison with other programming languages?


Hi! Just for web to know. What are the similarities of Solidity and other default languages? How to start with Solidity?

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Solidity is a programming language specifically designed for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. It is a high-level, statically typed language that is similar to other popular programming languages like JavaScript and C++. One of the main advantages of Solidity is that it allows developers to create and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling them to build decentralized applications (dApps) that can execute automatically and securely. Compared to other languages, Solidity has a number of features that make it well-suited for developing smart contracts. These include its support for inheritance, which allows contracts to be extended and reused, and its ability to handle complex data structures, such as arrays and mappings. Solidity also has a number of built-in libraries that provide common functionality, such as mathematical operations and cryptographic functions. This makes it easier for developers to create and test their contracts, as they don't need to implement these functions from scratch. Overall, Solidity is a powerful and versatile language that is well-suited for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. It has a number of features and libraries that make it easy to create and deploy complex decentralized applications, and it is backed by a strong community of developers who are constantly working to improve and evolve the language.

Hi! I'd like to add a few things. A great place to start, if you want to learn Solidity, would be this video: https://youtu.be/gyMwXuJrbJQ. It is a 32h course from Patrick Collins, in which you'll learn **everything** you need to start working with Solidity and smart contracts. But before that, I would definitly recommend you learn some JavaScript. It's similar in some points, and you need some JavaScript to deploy your contracts, build some interface with them, and for a bunch of stuff. And it might be a better forgiving langage to start with. Regarding the comparison, well, I guess you mean with other languages related to smart contracts? In that case, I will point you, once again, to Patrick Collins: https://twitter.com/PatrickAlphaC/status/1582691812132544514?s=20&t=XZwp6EYAFOxvCFBQMcHqOA This thread makes a comparison between these languages. If you want my opinion, just read some code, watch some videos, and see the one that attracts you the most. It all starts with a personal preference, and that's what will make you want to stay there, especially when you spend thousand of hours writing in that language. Whatever you choose, enjoy your journey - that's what really matters.

Our CTO mentioned: "Solidity is a programming language that was designed specifically for Ethereum (EVM). It was influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript. Personally, it reminds me most of JavaScript. The best resource for learning Solidity is the official documentation: https://docs.soliditylang.org/en/v0.8.17/. You can also search for tutorials to make learning more fun. I don't have any specific recommendations, but hopefully other community members can offer some good suggestions."