What Smart Contract Code Analysis Tools Do You Use?


Hey, I've only recently (~6 months ago) picked up solidity as a coding language, but with the increase in hacks & importance of contract security community-wide, I feel the need to improve the current tools I use for contract analysis/auditing. Does anyone have any recommendations for what tools to use? I currently use Olympix & Slither for analysis, the former of which is a much lesser-known tool but has proven pretty good (honestly like it better than Slither).

Answers 2

I think [Tenderly](https://tenderly.co/) is one of the best. You can easily simulate transactions on mainnet and even create mainnet forks. Also this tool by [samczsun](https://tx.eth.samczsun.com/) is great for anlysing transactions. Lastly, [this](https://consensys.github.io/smart-contract-best-practices/security-tools/static-and-dynamic-analysis/) list of tools by Consensys.

Slither is a good tool and probably is the best of all available. But there are a coupe more good tools: - [Solhint](https://protofire.github.io/solhint/) - [Ethlint](https://github.com/duaraghav8/Ethlint)